Isabella & Piergiorgio

I knew Piergiorgio Rossi in 2006, when I was living in Verona (Italy). He was recruited to help us in the international DMS Cross project and very quickly he became a key piece in the team. He was from Rome and jointly with the others (Filippo, Alessandro’s, Maria, Federico, Andrea,…) they made us feeling like staying at home.

We left Italy in december 2006, when the first part of the project finished. After this date, we have returned at «the italian home» several times. Last may, again in Verona, we met Piergiorgio who introduced us Isabella. They were from Rieti, at 90 kms from Roma, where it is said that Rea Silvia (the mother of Romulo and Remo) was born, although I have been unable to find any evidence of this in Internet.


Last weekend, we finally were in Rieti (the center of Italy, too). We met a lot of friends, many of them we were met previously in Verona, Rome, Tallin or Barcelona but never before in their town.

Rieti, surrounded by mountains and forests, welcomed us with cold and snow, a beautiful scene to attend the marriage of Piergiorgio and Isabella who became husband and wife last Saturday around 12. A beautiful day and party for a perfect couple !!!.

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